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Dr. Toy's   Best Toy Picks   of   2014


Message from Dr. Toy


10 Best Lists


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Dr. Toy celebrates the Best Picks Award Program's 26th Anniversary!

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.4M Industrial Development, Ltd.Glow Window Mosaic (3 Designs Assorted: Fairy, Sealife and Space)AC   CP   ES   PZ   7y - 12y$
2.ALEX BrandsALEX TOYS Pinball PainterAC   CP   4y - 12y$
3.ALEX BrandsIDEAL 40-Trick Magic Show KitFP   GE   NV   PZ   7y - 12y$
4.Ann Williams GroupCraft-tastic Pom Pom KitAC   CP   8y - 12y$
5.Be Good CompanyKwikSand Play Set - Brick BuilderAP   AT   CP   CT   TY   3y - 10y$
6.Beezi, Inc.Beezi the spelling gameBG   ES   GE   LA   7y - 12y$
7.Bigjigs Toys, Ltd.Fairy Town Train SetCT   TR   TY   WT   3y - 12y$
8.Brand 44 LLCSlackers 100' Night Riderz Zipline KitAD   AT   EP   OP   8y - 12y$
9.Calendar Holdings LLC / Go! GamesPathwayzBG   GE   8y - 12y$
10.Discover ToysBazaarBG   ES   GE   MA   8y - 12y$
11.Discover with Dr. CoolCrystal Growing Kit – Red AragoniteAC   CP   ES   SC   6y - 12y$
12.Discover with Dr. CoolWorld's Best Geode Kit!AT   ES   OP   SC   6y - 12y$
13.DuneCraftGrown Your Own Oyster MushroomsES   GP   NO   SC   3y - 12y$
14.DuneCraftMini Fairy Garden Glass TerrariumES   GP   NO   SC   3y - 12y$
15.Folkmanis, Inc.Sea Turtle PuppetCP   PL   PU   TY   3y - 12y$
16.FoxMind GamesFingoES   GE   MA   5y - 12y$
17.FunBites LLCFunBitesAC   CP   ES   1y - 8y$
18.Galison/MudpuppyPixel PicturesAC   AP   AT   CP   PZ   4y - 12y$
19.eKidsDisney Frozen Cool Tunes Sing-Along BoomboxEN   FP   MM   MU   3y - 5y$
20.fishertechnik / Studica, Inc.fischertechnik Dynamic XLCP   CT   GP   SC   9y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Toys   of   2014

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Automoblox Co.Mini Emergency 3 packCP   GP   TR   WT   3y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Technology Toys   of   2014

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.ClickN KidsClickN KIDS Family TabletES   MS   3y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Socially Responsible Toys   of   2014

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Creatively CannyNATE The Dragon Stops BullyingBK   CP   ES   SR   8y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Games   of   2014

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Art's IdeasJenga GiantAT   CT   OP   WT   10y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Educational Toys   of   2014

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.4M Industrial Development, Ltd.Crystal Growing Experimental KitCP   ES   HM   SC   10y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Creative Toys   of   2014

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.ALEX BrandsWood Wonders Ultimate SetAC   CP   TY   WT   5y - 12y$
2.Ann Williams GroupLoopdeloomAC   CP   8y - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Children's Products   of   2014

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.ALEX BrandsScientific Explorer Color Mysteries KitAC   CP   ES   SC   5y - 14y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Audio/DVD Toys   of   2014

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Charm School RecordsDaycare Dance Party - CD by Preschool PopstarsDD,   EN   MM,   MU   18m - 12y$

Dr. Toy's   10 Best Active Toys   of   2014

#CompanyToy NameProduct CodesAgePriceCust.Svc.www.
1.Brand 44 LLCSlackers 50' SlacklineAT   ES   OP   SR   5y - 12y$
2.Brand 44 LLCSlackers Balance BloxAP   AT   OP   TY   3y - 10y$

Message from Dr Toy

The Dr. Toy Best Picks Children's Products Award Program® was developed as a service to consumers who desire to purchase safe, affordable, educationally oriented, stimulating new smart toys and play products for children. The Best Picks Award began in 1992 by Dr. Toy in cooperation with the national publication, Early Childhood News, to recognize outstanding educational play products that deserve consideration and use at home and in school.

"As a childhood development, play, toys and learning specialist I have seen the continuous, essential need for more year-round diverse resources for consumers to identify and choose the most appropriate, safe, and engaging learning and fun products for all children."

We are pleased to report that since the innovative online magazine Dr. Toy's Guide (the first website on toys on the Internet) has been available, "millions of visitors from around the world have easy access to our timely valued information." The website was the first online resource on the World Wide Web to inform about and evaluate toys, games, and children's products.

The report, "Dr. Toy's Best Picks for 2018," is being released to encourage parents and teachers to focus on the value of play as essential to the learning process." I wish to add, "Smart play products selected from many excellent companies across the U.S.A., Canada, and other countries, provide children with exciting new developmentally appropriate tools to help them do better in school, and also provide more constructive activities after school."" I believe, "parents, grandparents and teachers need help to gain a head start locating new, diversified products that children will enjoy while increasing skills, enhancing instruction, and expanding imagination." The products selected are balanced among large and small companies, and range from low to high tech for "hours of active, creative, educational, and stimulating fun."

"Children learn best through play, and these toys, games and products encourage children to maximize their potentials. This is a good time to 'take stock' and do an inventory of what your child is using for play, what is not used, and what is needed next for continued development."

Dr. Toy's Guide offers excellent ideas for choosing new products for use in learning, after school play, and during the holidays ahead. Dr. Toy's Best Picks were carefully chosen as worthy of attention from among hundreds that the Dr. Toy Team has reviewed at toy fairs, in catalogs, and through many other sources, and by using the extensive criteria Dr. Toy has developed over many years. Among the criteria used are: safety, age-appropriateness, design, durability, lasting play value, ecological, cultural and ethnic diversity, good transition from home to school, educational value, learning skills, creativity, improvement in the understanding of the community and the world, good value for price, and, naturally, fun.

For complete information about these smart toys and products read the 2018 full report. Dr. Toy selects products that include toys, active products, audio/visuals-video tapes/CDs/DVDs, creative products, educational products, games, socially responsible products, CD-ROMs, high tech,culturally relevant products, and more.

Winning products are manufactured by established and new, large and small companies from around the world, including: Animoodles, Aurora World, b. dazzle, Banana Panda, Bizybeez, Bobby Susser Music, Candygrams, Cooperative Games, D & L Co., E-Blox, Golden Bell Studios, Green Toys, Griddly Games, Hansa Creations, Heroes Will Rise, Itty Bitty City, Kangaroo Mfg., Kellytoy, Kitki, Laser Pegs, Looney Labs, Maple Landmark, Miao Kids, NSI Int'l, OWI, Piccoli Horses, ReadySetz, Rival 5 Game, Serabeena, Sharingland, SmartFelt Toys, SmartLab Toys, Square Panda, Teknikio, Think Tank Scholar, Tralala Limited, Turing Tumble, Two Tons Media, and Whistlefritz.

These products were selected for additional recognition for their added value:

  • 10 Best Toys:

    Animoodles (Animoodles), Aurora World (Little Pitter Pattern-Pup Rattle & Swaddle), b.dazzle (Cupcakes Scramble Squares® Puzzle), Banana Panda (Match the Baby Puzzles), E-Blox (Circuit Blox 115 Project Set), Green Toys (Tide Pool Bath Set), Kangaroo Mfg. (Pop-Oh_Ver Stove Set), NSI Int'l (Fuzzy Wubble), ReadySetz (Space Base Playset), Sharingland (Cardboard Playhouse Sets).

  • 10 Best Educational Products: (Baby Beluga Game), Golden Bell Studios (Keys to Capitals Board Game), Griddly Games (Just Add Sugar), Kellytoy (Squishmallows), Looney Labs (Pyramid Arcade), NSI Int'l (Smithsonian Robo Spider), OWI (Dodeca 12-in-1 Solar Hydraulic Robot), SmartLab Toys (Tiny Science), Square Panda (Square Panda Home Ed.), Whistlefritz (French Collection).

  • 10 Best Gifts:

    Bobby Susser Music (Green Light), D & L Company (Junior Glow Stomp Rocket), Hansa Creations USA (Giraffe Medium), Heroes Will Rise (Rigamajig Junior), Itty Bitty City (Magnetic Wooden Blocks, 30-Pc), Laser Pegs Ventures (Mars Rocket), Maple Landmark (Rainmaker Rattle), SmartFelt Toys (My Little House), Teknikio (Activating Origami), Turing Tumble (Turing Tumble).

The Dr. Toy's Best Picks Award Report includes company customer service number, website URL, age range, price, full description of each product, and more. The award-winning, online magazine, Dr. Toy's Guide, features full color photos of each product, links to companies to learn more, interviews with and articles by Dr. Toy, plus hundreds of currently available products including: 100 Best, Best Classic, Best Vacation, and Best Green products. Over 6,000 outstanding products have been selected, evaluated and bestowed with Dr. Toy's Best Children's Product Awards since 1992. Dr. Toy's Best Picks (and the 10 Best Toys, 10 Best Educational Products, 10 Best Gifts) for 2018 are now available for play and learning at

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For more Information please obtain a copy of the 4th Edition of Dr. Toy's Smart Play/Smart Toys: How to Select and Use the Best Toys and Games (Regent Press), which provides useful tools to parents to enhance their child's P.Q (Play Quotient). The book, published in China, Croatia, Egypt, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, ailand, Turkey, and the USA, will soon be available in other countries. Obtain book at and at other book/toy stores with access to Ingram.

Interviews regarding recommended Dr. Toy's Best Picks 2018 can be arranged through Greg Walsh, Walsh PR (203-292-6280)

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