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Amazing Eco Ten

Amazing Toys Ltd. -

$39.90     Buy Now

Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CO Construction Toy   CP Creative Product   ES Educational Skills   GN Green Product  

Scientific discovery with 10 different construction concepts. The constructions are fun plus child is using creativity and imagination. Powerful learning using real solar panel and generator. Get ready to build: 1. Long-necked Dino (Apatosaurus). 2. Roof Lizard Dino (Stegosaurus). 3. Three-Horned Dino (Triceratops). 4. Scientific GOGO. 5. Energy Racer. 6. Space Explorer. 7. Robotic Ride. 8 Space Fan. 9 Helicopter. 10 Wind-powered LED. 100% Battery Free Product. The transforming science kits in solar action is a totally new approach to scientific learning. The common parts can be integrated and transform to 10 possibilities of scientific action kits. Includes over 115 pieces with solar panel and generator. Amazing Toys is a manufacturer ready to educate and inspire the future generation. Its Greenex series encourages everyone to take part in learning how to protect the environment they live in and to have fun at the same time. Amazing Eco-Ten is targeted at encouraging future generations to learn how to protect and look after the environment through playing in a positive and eco-friendly way.

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