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Baby Jack Sensory Learning Lovey

Baby Jack and Company -

$27.95     Buy Now

Age range   3 years thru 5 years      

Toy Type   ES Educational Skills   LA Language   MA Math   PL Plush Toy  

Children develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through sensory play. Baby Jack created a sensory tag toy with special educational features and benefits. Each ribbon tag is uniquely sewn closed to avoid fingers from getting stuck in loops. Some ribbons have custom learning tabs to teach ABCs, counting 1 to 10, and basic shapes and colors. Kids enjoy the different activities of playing, rubbing and chewing on the tags for comfort, entertainment and sensory stimulation. The Learning Lovey comes in a variety of colors and prints as well as plush animals or sports balls. The Sports Learning Lovey teaches basics about your favorite game of football, baseball or hockey. Your little fan will learn and enjoy this comfort toy.

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