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Good Duck

CelebriDucks -

$11.99     Buy Now

Age range   0 thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active Toy   BA Bath   GN Green Product   OP Outdoor Play  

CelebriDucks new ground breaking The Good Duck line are some of the top baby shower gifts available. These ducks are the only rubber duck that a baby can teeth on as the colorful little ducks are PVC free, Phthalate free, and BPA free and are made of the highest food and medical grade materials. All manufacturing, design, and 100% of the materials are made in the USA. The ducks arrive in a cute gift box in yellow, pink, and blue. Babies love them. The rubber duck was actually an original American invention before the whole industry moved overseas. CelebriDucks is pleased to lead the migration of the Rubber Duck industry to return home. President Craig Wolfe, CelebriDucks, remarked, "The Good Duck is our highest achievement. The response to this product has been nothing less than amazing. There are no rubber ducks on the market safe enough for very young children to put in their mouths. None were made from tested food grade and medical grade materials. Mothers complained about others that had materials that smelled like "chemicals," had peeling paint, did not float upright, were too hard for babies. caused allergies, degraded, took on water, and often had black mold growing inside. They also did not trust the integrity of overseas manufacturing." These ducks are completely sealed to keep out water so there are never any mold issues, plus they are soft to the touch, and float upright. Features include recyclable, paint free, latex free and each is packed in a colorful gift box also made in the USA.

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