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Hide Inside Cottage

DT Learning Products -

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Age range   9 months thru 3 years      

Toy Type   TY Toy  

Excite little one's senses with this soft forest-themed play house, featuring multiple places to hide for hours of stimulating peek-a-boo fun. 6 fun forest friends provide a variety of fun sounds for multi-sensory play. Insert the animals in one of the 3 side pockets. Hide them inside the cottage and dump them out. Identify them by touch. Peek one out the secret opening in one of the walls. Imagine a playful day in the forest. There's always something new for your child to discover! 8.5" x 7" x 5.5" (21.6 x 17.8 x 14cm). Contents: Soft Cottage with crinkle doors. Deer with chime. Hedgehog with squeaker. Owl with rattle. Fox with rattle. Bird with crinkle. Bunny with beads. Activity Guide Learning Benefits: Variety of shapes, sounds and textures will create more synaptic connections in a young child's budding brain. Learn cause & effect by shaking or squeezing the different animals to produce a sound. Develop audio discrimination, identifying the different sounds. Learn object permanence through hide & seek play, understanding that an animal is still exists and is nearby even though you cannot see it. Develop tactile discrimination by identifying the animals by touch. Strengthen fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Develop memory recall by identifying an animal hiding in a pocket or inside the cottage. Expand vocabulary as adult helps describe the sounds, textures, appearances and names of the animals. Fosters imaginary play with a cottage play house and animal characters. Adult can help child explore story telling with the animals and forest theme. Use the secret opening in the side wall for puppet play.

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