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Sensory Sights

DT Learning Products -

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Age range   0 thru 2 years      

Toy Type   TY Toy  

Build baby's visual skills with familiar faces! This colorful interactive learning cube features colors, textures and a chime sound that promote sensory stimulation, small and large motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and visual development. The 16 included high-contrast patterns and 4 photos can be inserted and interchanged in the 4 see-through pockets to kick start the learning. Start with the black & white patterns, then add the black & white & red patterns, followed by the fun faces. With the ability to add your own family photos and other images, the opportunities for learning and fun are endless. The soft cube can also be tossed and rolled to build coordination and strength. Benefits: Engages baby's visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses, building countless neuron connections during a critical formative period. Baby learns cause & effect by shaking the cube to hear the chime sound. Provides progressive visual development with the high contrast black & white pattern cards, followed by the black & white & red pattern cards. Baby learns to discriminate different faces with the variety of photo cards. Baby learns to associate family photos with familiar faces in his environment. Tossing and rolling the cube builds gross motor skills and coordination. Different facial expressions in the photos can be used to teach emotions and expressions. Encourage baby to trace a pattern or face with a finger, building fine motor and early drawing skills.

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