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Butterfly Glamour Dome

DuneCraft -

$24.99     Buy Now

Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CF Crafts   GN Green Product   SA STEM / STEAM   SC Science  

Create a bountiful butterfly garden as unique and as much fun as can be.. Set up your dome terrarium, plant your special seeds, and then glamorize with metallic stickers, glittery jewels, both small and large, cool white marble, hot pink gravel, and more. Grow plants with rainbow colored foliage while the profusion of sweet smelling blooms on the rest attracta local butterflies and hummingbirds. All the included plants sprout in less than a week and are quick to grow. The Butterfly Glamour Garden comes complete with a butterfly to call your garden home and a Butterfly Seed Bomb. This is a great way to introduce the world of butterflies to your child, which includes growing flowers that attract them, identifying those that are native to your location, and reading more about them. This can be the start of a great hobby and garden project.

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