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Epic Creations Inc. -

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Age range   0 thru 12 years      

Toy Type   BO Book   IN Internet / Virtual   LA Language   SR Socially Responsible  

Epic! has since its launch become the leading all-you-can-read eBook library for kids, with kids reading more than 1 million books on Epic! every week. Epic! has consistently been a Top 5 app in the Kids category, and a Top 10 app in the Education category in Apple's App store. Epic! is available on all iOS and Android devices and all web browsers. It provides an unlimited selection of eBooks that can be discovered and read instantly. Personalized for each individual reader, Epic! is the only place to access thousands of high quality, curated children's books without the need to purchase or download them one by one. Beautifully designed for mobile devices and featuring fun, game-like elements, Epic! provides kids with an exciting, personal library they can take anywhere. In a world of unlimited screen time, Epic! is a smart alternative to games and videos. A bit more about what Epic!'s award-winning library has to offer: Kids on Epic! can read anytime, anywhere on any device with instant access to over 10,000 high-quality books for kids 12 and under; Popular and award-winning books and series include Ramona, Ella Enchanted, Big Nate, Flat Stanley, National Geographic, Goosebumps, Fancy Nancy, Ella Enchanted, Warriors, The Chronicles of Narnia, Where the Wild Things Are, and many more. In October 2015, Epic! launched Spanish as the first category of books beyond English: adding more than 500 Spanish and bilingual English/Spanish titles to the library. A wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles in a variety of formats including picture books, early readers, chapter books, Read-to-Me and Audiobooks. With new books being added to its library every week, Epic! strives to ignite a life-long love of reading in every child.pic! was started in January 2013 when founders Suren Markosian and Kevin Donahue realized that their kids loved tablets, but spent most of their time playing games and watching videos on them rather than reading. It didn't make sense to them that games and videos were so easily accessible, while books required a parent to make a purchase every time a child wanted to read a new one. So they rounded up some talented friends and with their support got to work building the first "epic" reading experience designed for kids.

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