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Kinetix Neon Light Board

Horizon Group USA, Inc. -

$19.99     Buy Now

Age range   6 years thru 9 years      

Toy Type   CO Construction Toy   CP Creative Product   EL Electronic Product   TC Technology  

With the Kinetix Neon Light Board, you can learn the science behind how to make a neon sign glow. This kit will walk you through what electroluminescence is and how it works, as well as what elements and gases are used in the products that will allow for the lights to glow. It also teaches how to make a neon sign of your very own, with step-by-step instructions. Your creative signmaker will master fine motor skills by bending and clipping the glow wires into a design or word and hang it up on the wall so friends and family can watch it light up before their eyes. Kit includes a pegboard with battery pack, pegs, glow wires, and easy-to-follow instructions.

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