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TV292 Doctor's Set

Le Toy Van -

$50.00     Buy Now

Age range   3 years thru 7 years      

Toy Type   OT Other   UN Unique  

A classic vintage style, child-sized fabric Doctor's Bag filled with wooden medical instruments and bottles. The Doctor's set comes in a gorgeous red fabric bag with blue gingham lining. It has wooden handles and a magnetic clasp ideal for both boys and girls; it is a perfect non-gender present for siblings to play together. Ethically made of solid rubber wood, this set will last for generations. The set includes a toy stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, blood pressure gauge, ear scope, reflex hammer, scissors and two medicine bottles. Safety tested for children and with regards to the play value. Le Toy Van is a beautiful high quality wooden toy company, founded 20 years ago in the UK by a Frenchman, Georges Le Van. Today, Le Toy Van is still a small family business, including Georges's son, Steven Le Van. In its first years, the company created mainly wooden doll houses, castles, and farms. As the company grew, some new fresh collections were launched. The most popular of them is called Honeybake Role Play. This toy has great value: Innovative Design: Modelled on an old fashioned/retro doctor's bag shape in a bold red fabric, detailed with a medical cross sign design. The wooden handles are designed for children's hands and the bag opens and closes with a recessed magnetic clasp (which makes a satisfying 'click' when closing). A great selection of toy medical instruments all fitting into the bag for ultimate portable play. Functionality: The bag opens and closes easily and is designed to keep all the contents secure in transportation. Result is a set with a great variety of play aspects, encouraging creative imaginative play and developing social skills. Design Aesthetics: Bright appealing colors for children, sensory appeal provided by the use of a variety of wooden and fabric parts and the convenience of all the instruments fitting into the bag. Quality: Designed in the UK and made in an ethical factory in Indonesia where great attention to detail is made. Cotton and wood provide natural quality. And Value: A comprehensive playset with lots of components that is suitable for both boys and girls and can be played with at home, in an educational setting, or on the move. A durable toy made of natural materials.

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