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LeapFrog Count Along Register

LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. -

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Age range   2 years thru 5 years      

Toy Type   CP Creative Product   ES Educational Skills   MA Math   SC Science  

Teach budding entrepreneurs to run a store with Count Along Register. This is a classic pretend play pattern that the whole family will enjoy. The talking, interactive cash register features an adorable character and offers much more than typical calculators like cash registers. The Count Along Register encourages imaginative role playing while introducing preschoolers to early money skills. The register enables kids to explore colors, vocabulary, food sorting, healthy habits, number recognition, and counting with a delightful and engaging character. Little shoppers have big fun in a store with a 20-piece set that talks, sings and counts. Add counting to the cart along with aisles of imaginative role play with a spunky singing register pal that comes to life with cool songs and fun phrases. Little shoppers can run their own store for the very first time from the moment their register pal powers on with an "Open for business" Eight yummy pretend play food items correspond with matching buttons on the register's touch screen. Press a button to hear the name and color of the food and shop 'til you bop with a matching verse of a shopping song. Listen to the crunch of egg shells followed by, "Oops! Guess we'll make an omelet" Press the number buttons 1-10 to hear the numbers and a counting song. Count Along Register offers two imaginary roles for kids: the cashier or the shopper. Swipe groceries across a scanner that really beeps. Push the total button to check out your items and hear the number of coins to insert in the count along coin slot. Get service with a little spunk if you insert too many coins--"An extra coin? Thanks for the tip!" Swipe a shopping card to hear welcoming shopping phrases like, "You're my favorite customer" for a delicious day of pretend play. Requires three AAA batteries to operate (demo batteries are included).

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