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Manhattan Toy Company -

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Age range   0 thru 1 year      

Toy Type   NO Novelty   TR Travel Item   TY Toy   UN Unique  

The Winkelࢢ is a best-selling infant toy. This uniquely designed teether rattle has been delighting babies for six years. Colorful loops made from soft, pliable plastic are easy for baby to grasp and hold. Plus, caregivers can refrigerate the Winkel to create a cool, soothing teether. The Winkel is made of PU (polyurethane) tubing and as such does not contain BPA or PVC and meets the SPSIA and European requirements for phthalates. Once upon a time, back when "text" was still a noun, and not every toy had batteries, there was a little toy company that set out to become the best toy company ever. Not because it endeavored to make a more loveable teddy bear or truck that turns into a wristwatch, but because it endeavors to make a difference. Manhattan Toy was profoundly influenced by toys and recognized that in every little pair of hands lies a chance to positively affect the future; that having a sense of humor means the difference between enduring life, and enjoying it. If it doesn't contain a wink and smile, it isn't worth making. Their philosophy recalls that the most powerful thing any of us plays with in this life is imagination. For more than 30 years the Manhattan Toy Company has made a commitment to providing customers with safe, high-quality toys that enrich young lives and developing minds.

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