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Moodster Feelings Flashlight

The Moodsters -

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Age range   1 year + 6 months thru 7 years      

Toy Type   BO Book   ID Book   OP Outdoor Play   TY Toy  

You can assist your child and build emotional intelligence (EQ) skills with The Moodsters Feelings Flashlightą¢¢ and Storybook,an electronic flashlight that features the Moodsters character images with voice affirmations and fun play activities. Squash those "afraid-of-the-dark" fears with the Feelings Flashlight. Shining a light on feelings has never been easier or more fun than with The Moodsters. Before naptime or bedtime, point the flashlight toward the ceiling or a wall, and The Moodsters will magically appear, offering wisdom and humor for every emotion. Using these products Kids can explore their feelings, helping them to process and understand their emotions. Included is a 32-page storybook, "The Scary Sleepover," to take the "scary" out of bedtime. The night of the treehouse sleepover is finally here, but the backyard is full of spooky noises and dark shadows. The Moodsters help their friend, Zach, face his fears and save the sleepover.

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