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The Joy of Numbers

Muu Aps - Newmero -

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Age range   3 years thru 9 years      

Toy Type   ES Educational Skills   GE Game   SA STEM / STEAM   SC Science  

The Joy of Numbers is an innovative and intuitive educational toy for children. It consists of a set of colorful, numbered bricks. The bricks are designed to make it fun for children to learn about numbers and math. The 'the joy of numbers' concept is to turn the abstract decimal number system into a physical playing and learning experience. The (numbered) bricks' surface, size, weight, and color have carefully be crafted to appeal to the tactile nature of young children: understanding numbers by touching, building, and decomposing them. The box contains four types of bricks, each with its own size and color-coding determined by the decimal place value (ones, tens, hundreds, thousands). With the bricks, the children can easily learn the decimal system including, identify and build numbers, count and sort, add up to tens ("Ten friends"), perform addition and subtraction. All bricks have counting knobs along the top, a connector knob, and jigsaw patterns on the left and right sides. These features constitute the "self-guidance design" of the bricks. This allows children to figure out things themselves; for example, by stacking or superimposing bricks, the features communicate and explain important information, like which number is larger, which numbers are "ten-friends", and why 128 is just composed by a 100, a 20 and an 8. A Danish family with three young children is behind the invention of the bricks. The father, Allan, has a strong passion for mathematics and holds a PhD in math/computer science. Together with the mother, Christine, the company Newmero was founded and the bricks were launched during Spring 2016.

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