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Office Oxygen -

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Age range   3 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CH   CT Cultural   NO Novelty   SR Socially Responsible   UN Unique  

The trick with new easy to use fidget toys is coming up with something that you can play around with, but not have to look at. Ideally, you want to occupy your hands without drawing your eye. With this new Loopeez, you simply turn the sparkly beads over and over in an infinite loop. You can manipulate them with two hands, or one, if you need to take notes. Loopeez is the perfect mindless "fiddle"easy to manipulate without much physical or mental effort. Endlessly flip the colored plastic pieces around and around the dual axes of the rings. The colored curved pieces are molded to fit comfortably in large or small hands and result in relaxation.

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