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MySelfie LLC dba BuppaLaPaloo -

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Age range   2 years thru 7 years      

Toy Type   CP Creative Product   ES Educational Skills   PL Plush Toy   SR Socially Responsible  

BuppaLaPaloo is a classic cuddly toy bear that is upated and based in brain science. His sole purpose in the world is to teach children to love themselves and to know how magnificent they are. While playing with a fun friend, the child presses a paw and hears 14 individual empowering statements like: I love my body! I am so loved! I'm gonna be great! The child repeats a phrase back to the bear and in doing so, makes a strong first person statement about defining who they are. The bear creates repetition each time the child plays with it. All this brings about strong brain building, feel-good affirmations while having fun. The other paw allows the parent or child to record their own special message. This unique bear offers healing and benefits to children.

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