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Paper Trax Super Pack

Paper Trax Toys -

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Age range   3 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active Toy   CO Construction Toy   GN Green Product   SC Science  

Paper Trax is a paper based construction toy that enables your child to build race tracks and transforms your walls into a speedway for toy cars and bouncy balls. Paper Trax stands out in the green category for being a 100% recyclable, paper-based toy, moving away from the plastic that surrounds our children, and there is nearly zero waste created in packaging. A key initiative for Paper Trax is utilizing the packaging for a bonus Trax. The vision is to convert packaging from multiple manufacturers' boxes, and even cereal boxes, into toys kids will love. Making use of something as simple as a cardboard box for fun, open ended play, would be incredible. Imagine the number of cereal boxes tossed aside each day that could be transformed into a race track for your walls. Hopefully this will inspire youth to create toys from recyclables that would ultimately end up in our landfills. Paper Trax was founded by an active duty U.S. Coast Guard officer who needed a race track for his 18-month-old son, Wolfi, for his newly acquired matchbox cars. The inventor, Brent, was unprepared for the toy cars, so he searched for something to make some homemade race tracks and decided his cereal box would work just fine. He cut and folded the cereal box into the very first Paper Trax, taped it to the wall and, viola, Paper Trax was born. It was an immediate hit with his 18-month-old son and four-year-old daughter and all the kids that had a chance to play with the new toy. A couple years later, Paper Trax is patent pending and available for fun, open-ended play. The only instructions are how to fold the Trax, the rest is up to the imagination of the kids and families to design the raceway on their walls. Paper Trax is a great construction toy and fosters a development of geometric and spatial reasoning, and motion dynamics. You will see your kids think about creating jumps, track design, and developing intricate track layouts to crisscross the tracks and jump their toy cars. Kids really love zipping their cars, bouncy balls, or any object that slides down the Trax, experimenting with gravity, motion, and design. Paper Trax also initiates social interaction between kids and family members. Paper Trax makes great use of space in the house that wouldn't normally be utilized for play. One of the best features, you never have to clean them up, they're always out of the way and ready to race. On top of that, Paper Trax has unlimited potential for designs and graphics that make your kid's room or play area look great. The next edition will be the Paper Trax Speedway edition and kids will be able to color a section of Trax themselves. The Super Pack contains 10 straight Trax, with 1 bonus Trax made from the box, the assembly instructions, and 22 3M Command Strips to hold the Trax safely to walls. One Super Pack gives you 12-1/2 feet of Trax for your walls!

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