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Bathtub Coloring Kit


$15.00     Buy Now

Age range   3 years thru 6 years      

Toy Type   AC   BA Bath   CP Creative Product   TY Toy  

The Bathtub Coloring Kit created immediate excitement as it offers children old, yet new, art medium that creates fun in the bathtub and on shower walls! Bath time now becomes play time as children are encouraged to express themselves artistically. The kit is available in all characters and with two generous sized coloring clings, covering a total of 430 square inches of bath tub wall surface. The clings create a huge coloring palette for bath time fun. Each cling features 4 coloring scenes-each scene is 6"x6" in dimension. The kit also includes 6 vibrant crayons that are water compatible and skin safe, 1 theme inspired character sponge for play and clean up, and 2 compressed washcloths that expand in water to add to the bath-time fun. This bathtub coloring kit is guaranteed to be a favorite of all aspiring artists while adding more fun to bathtime.

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