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Quadro Ultimate

Quadro der Grossbaukasten -

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Age range   1 year thru 8 years      

Toy Type   AP Activity Product   CO Construction Toy   EQ Equipment   OP Outdoor Play  

The Quadro Ultimate offers different models including the Quadro Baby Slide, Quadro Baby Ballcage, and Quadro Baby Stairs. This Giant Construction Kit is one of the biggest created with total 747 components. The Ultimate is a result of customer requests for a Giant Construction Kit including features near the Baby Playcenter with steps suitable for children aged 1 year and older. The Ultimate allows you to build models with a second floor providing play experience for children at an age of 3 years with increased fine motor skills. The Ultimate includes special parts like the Quadro Baby Ballcage Roof, the Quadro Aluminum Profiles, and the Quadro Double Tube Connectors, which let you build the Baby Slide or the Ramp. The Ultimate is a true all-round play construction; always transformable and adaptable for all ages. The ultimate play paradise--it is possible to create fantastic models, which will delight and amaze children. No matter if Modular-, Integrated-, or Curved Slide-, simply select your favorite slide and let your ideas expamd. The Ultimate is a combination of Ultimate, Slide, and Pool L. Especially the Pool, in the summer, gives a great fun experience. You can turn your garden into an ultimate play paradise. Environmentally friendly.

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