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Square Panda Phonics Playset

Square Panda -

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Age range   1 year + 6 months thru 8 years      

Toy Type   EG Electronic Game   ES Educational Skills   LA Language   TC Technology  

Square Panda is a phonics playset with tactile smart letters that turns your iPad into a phonics workstation. Children will learn as they play with a wide diversity of interactive games that keep them engaged for hours as they progressively acquire deeper reading skills. Square Panda is unique because it is the only comprehensive multisensory Phonics product on the market with 14 levels of phonics instruction and a diagnostics engine that measures each child's individual progress, challenges, preferences for game types, and patterns of play. Early learners play their way to reading fluency by engaging with tactile letter manipulatives, while research validated games sense the letters they choose. TheSquare Panda world of games guides children as they learn the alphabet, explore letter sounds, discover rhymes, and build vocabulary. Square Panda's mission is to give children the tools they need to become fluent readers and empower them to love reading. Square Panda has several learning areas, including letter recognition, letter orientation, the alphabet, left to right reading directionality, letter sounds, letter to sound decoding and encoding, roles of consonants and vowels, and vocabulary and comprehension. The playset comes with 45 "smart letters" that are bluetooth enabled to interact with the games on an iPad. Also included are three games to download from the App Store. Square Panda Lagoon, which lets children play with phonetics in a completely exploratory way. By employing a phonics algorithm that pronounces any combination of letters the child might create--whether it's a real word or not--even silly "nonsense" words create a phonics learning moment. Square Panda Bowling lets children roll a coconut to find letters hiding under Roc-Roks. Children place smart letters in the playset to spell words. As children place letters in the correct orientation and position, pictures appear and reinforce vocabulary. Bowling is perfect for children learning the alphabet, CVC words, blends, diagraphs, letter sounds, word construction, vocabulary comprehension, spelling, and reading fluency. Roll the coconut and spell away. Square Panda Letter Lab brings children to a magical laboratory where letters come to life. Children help find letters for "word-bots," funny robots who love words. Children discover letters and sounds using a magical wand, splatter painter, and even with a shrink ray that will zap letters from uppercase to lowercase. With each experimental activity children hear letter sounds in new contexts. More games are being created. Square Panda is backed by Andre Agassi and the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, whose mission is to transform education so that all children have a shot at success.

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