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We're All In This Together

Two of a Kind Ltd. -

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Age range   3 years thru 10 years      

Toy Type   AT   CE Entertainment   DD Digital Disc   ML Musical   MM Multimedia   TC Technology  

We're All In This Together focuses on working together to solve big problems and have fun. The theme of working together is explored through a variety of topics, including caring about the environment, with a wide range of musical styles and instrumentation. The CD includes 15 tracks mostly comprised of original songs, along with one cover, a parody and a traditional story from Kenya. These catchy tunes span a range of genres from the hard-rocking "I Wanna Be a Superhero," the funky "Leave it There," the New Orleans-flavored title song and the jazzy "I Dig Reading," to folk and pop featuring amazing musicians and kids' voices. Other songs include "Wild and Free," a folk-rock song about physical activities kids often do with wild abandon (running, riding a bike, swinging, etc.)--totally in the moment. "Sing! Bang! Boom! It's a Symphony" celebrates the sounds all around us and features lots of silly sound effects. "Oh, Guanaco" is in an Andean style, with panpipes, nylon string guitar, and Latin percussion. It was written for the Detroit Zoo and is about the animal cousin of llamas and camels, with some humorous factual details. The one parody on the album is "Kelp!" using the music of the Beatles' song "Help!" Two of a Kind was joined in the studio by a kids' chorus, plus many musicians including members of the bands Acoustic Blender, The Fractals and Huffamoose, jazz musicians Dave Posmontier and Stan Slotter, rapper Kuf Knotz, didgeridoo master Harold E. Smith, and David and Jenny's twin sons Ari and Jason. After this past year of celebrating 25 years of performing and recording for kids and families, David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans, of Two of a Kind, are back with their 9th CD.

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