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Bizzy the Mix & Move Bot™

VTech Electronics North America LLC -

$24.99     Buy Now

Age range   2 years thru 5 years      

Toy Type   CP Creative Product   LA Language   ML Musical   TC Technology  

Now children can get creative as they build their own robot with Bizzy the Mix & Move Bot. With 10 different accessories there are so many ways to encourage the role-play experience by creating a different robot every time they play. This playful bot illustrates cause and effect as children connect the 10 accessories to trigger fun responses. It also includes 10 fun and unique melodies that children can personalize by switching around the accessories to add in their own special sound effects. Bizzy will guide children through various activities, allowing for creative, independent play. Bizzy also loves to dance around to the music on its interchangeable legs or wheels. With Bizzy around, the fun never stops!

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