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Lumi-Niter® Disk Kit

Xtraordin Air Toys -

$17.99     Buy Now

Age range   7 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active Toy   OP Outdoor Play   PT Pool Toy   UN Unique  

Lumi-Niter® Discs were created to eliminate the gap that existed for night time Disc products. The criteria were that the Disc needed to glow for extended periods of time--Lumi-Niter's® premium glowsticks last 6-8+ hours. The Discs would be required to support any wet condition of play--Lumi-Niter ® is unaffected by water; allowing night time fun in pools, lakes, rivers, and even being left in the rain. The bonus is that the Discs would float, which would prevent any accidental loss when playing at night. And lastly, the Discs would allow the end user to control the light source--Lumi-Niter® glowsticks activate upon demand for instant fun. Lumi-Niter® allows families and friends to extend their fun long after the sun goes down. The Disc is made of a durable polyethylene blend that weighs in at 198 grams with four glowsticks. This weight makes it a perfect Disc for windy conditions at the beach. Lumi-Niter® is utility patented, which makes it a one-of-a-kind Disc, and has been tested and rated by the National Lekotek Center for children of all abilities. Both the Disc and glowsticks are available in five different colors. When two colors are mixed and matched, they create different colored patterns as the Disc soars through the sky. Fun and entertainment all rolled into one. Kids can be creative and choose their favorite colors, team colors, or create new combo colors of their own design. The sky's the limit. So, whether you are planning your next vacation along the beach, camping or backpacking adventure in the wilderness, scouting adventure under the stars, or even planning your next staycation, Lumi-Niter® is the perfect complement for night time family fun.

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