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Cleanupper the Dumptruck

Rubbabu LLC -

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Age range   3 months thru 5 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   EC Eco-friendly   GN Green   SR Socially Responsible   TR Travel   TS Transportation   TY Toy  

The Rubbabu Dump Truck is a colorful, soft, safe, eco-friendly toy truck made from our signature renewable natural rubber foam with a soft velvet-like flocked finish. It has soft rubber foam wheels, and rolls smoothly and easily. It provides tactile stimulation from the velvety surface and soft texture.

A soft toy truck with a bright color and simple shape designed for sensory stimulation and imaginative play. It is soft and squishy with a tactile surface great for babies, toddlers and children with special needs. Supports development of gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination. The best thing about open-ended toys like this one is that they remain relevant from infants to 5-years, as a child first learns to push them, then crawl after them, and later engages in increasingly more sophisticated imaginative play.

Rubbabu toys are made from ingredients that are carefully chosen or developed to be extremely safe for babies, infants and toddlers. The rubber is 100% pure rubber from the Hevea tree. The soft surface is made from very high quality nylon flock from Spain.

The Rubbabu factory in India is a fair trade, ethically run, environmentally responsible company. It is a family company still run by Rahul and Meera Butalia, who founded Rubbabu toys. The Indian company has been certified by the International Council for Toy Industries (ICTI) for its ethical manufacturing practices. Rubbabu toys do not contain any lead, phthalates, or other harmful or banned substances. All its toys comply with CPSIA standards (for the United States), EN 71 and REACH standards (Europe), AS/NZS ISO 8124 (Australia). They do not contain nitrosatable substances or nitrosamines.

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