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Pammee and the Looking Pond

Green Kids Club Inc. -

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Age range   3 years thru 5 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   BO Book   CT Cultural   ES Educational Skills   GN Green   OP Outdoor Play   PL Plush   SR Socially Responsible   TY Toy  

"Pammee and the Looking Pond" takes Green Kids Club - Maya, YooHoo and Friends - take Pammee on a search for her beautiful image in the Looking Pond. But the girls find that the pond has been polluted! Can they save Pammee's beautiful image and the Looking Pond? A Magic Spring enables the Green Kids - Victor, Maya, and Tiago to talk with animals about their environmental issues. As the kids travel the world, their friends also become Green Kids, and their adventures help animals to improve our world. YooHoo and Friends are created based on rare or endangered animals around the world to deliver the green environmental message in line with global trends on conservation of the natural world, and our surrounding habitats.

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