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Eyeball Boxing

Quirky Engine Entertainment -

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Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CG Card Game   CP Creative Product   GE Game   TY Toy   UN Unique  

In Eyeball Boxing, a family game for 2-5 players, players go toe to toe in the ring as a group of scrappy, 4-armed eyeball characters. Fists fly in a head-to-head punch-out brawl where only one eye can take the prize. The last eye standing or the first to make 3 hotdogs from ingredients stolen from under the eyelids of opposing fighters wins. The quirky concept that makes eyeball boxing is enough to turn any head. Box with opponents and make hotdogs? Of course. Why not? Eyeball boxing is all character. The artwork starts with a collection of 6 eyeball boxers. The boxers use a series of legal (and illegal moves) to knock out their opponents. Legal moves, such as punch, block, and jab and grab, can be done without inviting the yellow flags of referees. Should boxers attempt illegal moves like flinging hot sauce or releasing swarms of insects, referee whistles may sound and flags may be thrown. But, Eyeball Boxing isn't just about boxing. Players can win either by being the last eyeball standing, or by being the first to make 3 hotdogs with card combinations of bun, dog, and condiments. Even if a player is knocked silly, he can still win the game by building dogs. The developers of Eyeball Boxing threw out all the stops and went for laughs. The artwork alone brings smiles to players' faces. With fast and furious game play, players soon find themselves engaging in a bit of lighthearted smack talking as gloves and mustard fly. The Quirky Engine Development team believes that laughter is rule number one. If a game doesn't get plenty of laughs during game testing, it ends up in the trash heap. Eyeball Boxing has become a regular at many family game tables. Larry Nybo, the lead developer of Hoagie, is a father of three children. He has used tabletop games as a means of child development, family unity, and encouragement of social skills in his family. As a game designer, Larry creates games that intrigue the curiosity of children. Every aspect of his games, from the quirky concepts to the fun artwork, is meant to appeal to families. With so many ideas for games, Larry only puts products into development if he can encourage laugh out loud fun at the table. Quirky Engine Entertainment is a game creation company in Kaysville, UT. To date, Quirky Engine has produced six titles. To help differentiate audience appeal, Quirky places their games into three categories: Monkey Beak Games (for families with young children), 3 Headed Giant Games (for more sophisticated, strategic gamers), and Game-A-Rama (for fast access, general audience party gamers). Second video --

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