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World Within A World (Girl & Boy Version)

DuneCraft -

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Age range   3 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AC Arts and Craft   AS Accessories/Decorations/Furniture   CP Creative Product   ES Educational Skills   HO Hobby   SC Science   UN Unique  

Can you imagine a world existing within a world? One reality within another reality? Just the thought of this is incredibly invigorating, and enticing to the mind. With our newest fun and exciting kit you can create exactly that! With our exciting new World within a World line. A tiny glass terrarium hangs on the inside of a much larger glass terrarium and makes for a truly surreal scene! You can let go and let the creativity flow! This amazing kit comes with everything you need to get your intergalactic garden growing! Our World Within A World for Boys has a collection of varied cacti and succulents that are truly out of this world, and once they germinate, they require very little care and need small amounts of water infrequently, as they have learned to conserve water in their space travels. Or, try our World Within a World for Girls. This kit includes beautiful Star Plants that are very easy to germinate, and they have leaf clusters that look like actual stars! They are all so beautiful and unique! The galaxy flowers are also very quick to sprout and grow, and their fragrant flowers are the color of starlight! Complete your own personalized space scene with a Gravitational Quartz Stone and Space stones! Further personalize and customize your Outer Space Worlds with colored Space Sand that doesn't get wet, and Glowing Space Stones! All of our fascinating themed terrariums use the highest quality and freshest seed available, and are guaranteed to sprout and grow! Don't hold back, your worlds won't collide! Get your own amazing and unique World within a World growing today!

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