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Just Add Glue

Griddly Games Inc -

$24.95     Buy Now

Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AC Arts and Craft   CP Creative Product   ES Educational Skills   SC Science   TY Toy  

Just Add Glue is the exciting new science activity kit that is sure to stretch the imagination. Use this cool new kit to create different forms of super stretchy polymers and make them bounce, By creating gluey gooey putties that can be picked up, stretched, and even rolled into a ball that bounces. Experimenting with the Just Add Glue kit let your child mix separate batches of varying amounts of two main ingredients to witness the difference that consistencies can make. Your young scientest can make fine or chunky crystals applied to objects like statues, strings or pipe cleaners. The product allows an underlying lesson about states of matter including liquids and polymers. A basic introduction to chemistry and material engineering.

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