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Lift and Learn Puzzle, Solar System

Maple Landmark Inc -

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Age range   3 years thru 7 years      

Toy Type   ES Educational Skills   PZ Puzzle   SC Science   TY Toy   WT Wooden Toy  

The new Solar System Lift N Learn Puzzle, from Maple Landmark Woodcraft, depicts the eight planets and the asteroid belt. Vibrant, true-to-life graphics are printed directly onto the wood and clear-coated for superb durability. Planet factoids are revealed when pieces are lifted from the puzzle. Puzzles measure 11x14-¾, are made from 1/8 hardwood plywood, and come shrink wrapped. This product facilitates STEM for beginning learners and joins a robust line of Lift N Learn Puzzles including topics such as shapes and fractions, backyard birds (featuring illustrations by Roger Tory Peterson), leaves, and dinosaurs. Maple Landmark, an outstanding wooden products manufacturer located in Middlebury, Vermont, was founded in 1979 by Michael Rainville. The company is best known for crafting American-made wooden toys, games, and gifts including NameTrains Wooden Railway System. Mike Rainville became enthusiastic about woodworking as a hobby when he was 11. At that time, his mother, Pat, told him that, "he needed to find something to do." Rainville's grandparents had a history of working with their hands, specifically woodworking and farming, so there were always materials around to utilize. Rainville made his first items, spools and bobbin holders, in his parents' basement in Lincoln, Vermont, using some spare wood, a coping saw, and a sanding block. As time progressed, he made cribbage boards which are still being made today. Local craft fairs provided him with income to purchase new equipment and materials. The name Maple Landmark Woodcraft was adopted in 1980. Over the next two decades, the business grew, gaining more customers. In 1996, the facility moved to Middlebury. Since then, the Middlebury facility has expanded. In 2001, Maple Landmark acquired Montgomery Schoolhouse of Montgomery, Vermont, a business known for cars, trucks, and trains. Many products are still being made today and can be found in toy stores around the United States. True to the previous three decades of craftsmanship, Maple Landmark has continued to provide trustworthy, reliable products. In 2009 and again in 2013, Maple Landmark was called upon by the inaugural committee to create souvenirs for the Obama inauguration. The 2009 souvenir was a train engine; the 2013 souvenir was a limousine. Maple Landmark is a family business including Mike, the owner, Jill, his wife, Barb, his sister, Pat, his mother, and Adam and Andrew, his two sons. Until her well-deserved retirement in 2016, grandmother, Hattie, also worked at the shop.

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