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Piper Computer Kit

Piper Inc. -

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Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CP Creative Product   EG Electronic Game   EL Electronic Product   ES Educational Skills   GE Game   SC Science   TC Technology  

The Piper Computer Kit is a STEM product, for kids to learn how to build and program electronics at home or at school. Kids begin the Piper experience by building the Piper Computer Kit, a fully functioning computer, following a real engineering blueprint. Once built, kids play an educational Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft games that teach electronics in the game and then instructs them to build an electronic smart device that powers up the game. Parents and teachers love that kids are engaged while learning complex engineering. Kids love the experience of playing games and building electronics.

The Piper Computer Kit includes all the components needed by growing creators including a display, breadboard, switches, mouse, and a customized edition of the most popular education video game that engages kids with no experience or initial interest in electronics and programming with a handcrafted wooden box that echoes a laptop when opened. Piper Computer Kits Enables Active Learning: Building buttons, switches, and circuit connectors encourage kids to explore and understand the technology behind the devices they use every day. Piper actively promotes narrative driven play and imagination using fun popular kid friendly, educational video games. By assembling and programming their very own computer, kids learn soft skills like problem- solving and critical thinking.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Piper is a leading STEM education company that empowers inventors of tomorrow through technology-driven play. The Piper team is made-up of inventors, parents, scientists, artists, engineers, dreamers, and explorers. Led by Princeton graduate Mark Pavlyukovskyy and MIT graduate and Stanford fellow Dr. Joel Sadler, Piper launched in 2014 and has raised $10.1 million in funding from Owl Ventures, Reach, SV Tech Ventures, and Stanford's StartX Fund. The Piper Computer Kit helps kids build confidence through hands-on learning about electronics, coding and more, and used by more than 500 schools throughout the United States and in more than 750 schools worldwide. Piper is the leading STEM educational toy on Amazon, and is available to consumers via major retailers and directly from the Piper website.

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