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Some Bunny's Hiding

Tactic Games -

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Age range   3 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   BG Board Game   ES Educational Skills   GE Game   TY Toy  

The Bunnies have hidden in their holes around the garden game board--colorful-disk-side down. Players need to collect all the bunnies that have the same color in order to win the game. Pick a bunny, turn it over, and see what color its disk is. Keep the bunny if it's the right color. If not, replace it, disk down. If the next player picks (and replaces) a bunny with your color, be sure to remember where it is so you can choose it when your turn comes around. Double-sided game board features two difficulty levels to keep the gameGE interesting and educational as your child masters memorization and color-recognition skills. Adorable plastic bunny playing pieces included for 2-4 players.

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