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Quirky Engine Entertainment -

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Age range   5 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CG Card Game   CP Creative Product   GE Game   TY Toy  

Hoagie, A Monkey Beak Game, a family card game for 2-5 players, calls for artists to build the perfect sandwich. Players compete to collect and stack fresh ingredients into a hoagie sandwich masterpiece before the oogies, a gang of pesky, ingredient-spoiling creatures, destroys their fixings. Hoagie matches players in a goofy kitchen adventure to create the perfect sandwich while spoiling other players' ingredients with the oogies. The game developers of Hoagie sought to create a game that is equally fun for very young kids and adults. To reach this goal, they played with children to play-test the game. Hoagie incorporates pattern development and uses a bit of friendly strategy, to create an environment of wholesome fun that can be enjoyed by both children as young as 5-years-old and adults. The cards feature humorous artwork. No reading is required to play this easy-to-understand game. Larry Nybo, the lead developer of Hoagie, is a father of three children. He has used tabletop games as a means of child development, family unity, and encouragement of social skills in his family. As a game designer, Larry creates games that gain the curiosity of young children. Every aspect of his games, from the quirky concepts to the fun artwork, is aimed to appeal to children. With so many ideas for games, Larry only puts products into development if he can encourage laugh out loud fun at the table. Quirky Engine Entertainment, a game creation company located in Kaysville, UT, has produced six titles. To help differentiate audience appeal, Quirky places its games into three categories: Monkey Beak Games (for families with young children), 3 Headed Giant Games (for more sophisticated, strategic gamers), and Game-A-Rama (for fast access, general audience party gamers). Hoagie, A Monkey Beak Game from Quirky Engine Entertainment, is a card game of Sandwich Building Fun! Video 2

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