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Ninja Squirrels

RoosterFin Inc. -

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Age range   5 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   BG Board Game   CG Card Game   GE Game   UN Unique  

Ninja Squirrels is the game of color matching, nut snatching fun. Ninja Squirrels are fast food fighters. They race to gather acorns to fill their dens before the winter. To help them grab the most acorns, players take turns flipping cards. When there is a color match, be the first to snatch the correct nut. Collect the most acorns to win. RoosterFin brings a unique skill to board games with their ability to create authentic games and understanding how math applies to games. Joe's backgroundteaching kids, enables him to create award-winning games that are continuously simple to learn and fun to play. You can follow his adventure on-line as he develops new games.

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