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Jenga® Throw 'N Go!™ Hardwood Game

Art's Ideas -

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Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   BG Board Game   GE Game   OP Outdoor Play  

The classic game of Jenga® with an improved colorful twist Until this year, Jenga® Throw 'n Go™ was only sold with 3 colors and a die that designated which color block you could remove and stack. Now...Jenga® Throw 'n Go™ comes with 6 colors and an improved die containing added features for enhanced play: 2 colors to chose from and some sides that let you "Go Wild!" and "Pick any Two!". Jenga® Throw 'n Go™ not only got better in play, but it also received new package graphics to give it an updated and noticeable visual appeal.. Jenga® Throw 'n Go™ is the only authentic, licensed Jenga® game that uses multi-colored blocks. All Jenga® Throw 'n Go™ games are made of hardwood with strict manufacturing specifications to ensure quality, durability, and family fun for years to come.

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