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UNBORED: Time Capsule

MindWare, Inc. -

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Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   CP Creative Product   CT Cultural   ES Educational Skills   LA Language   NO Novelty   OP Outdoor Play   SR Socially Responsible   TY Toy   UN Unique  

Remove the outside sleeve, and the high-quality Unbored Time Capsule box becomes the container needed to create the time capsule itself. The kit is full of everything your child needs to capture the important details of today including: a clipboard, 50 questionnaires, adjustable date stamp, black ink pad, storage tubes, card protectors, coin bags, boxes with cotton batting, envelopes, a scrapbook and sheet of photo corners, assorted labels and tags, and more. The 12-page Field Guide includes information ranging from the history of time capsules to suggestions on what to include in your own time capsule.

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