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Creative Roots Hand Print Stone

Horizon Group USA, Inc. -

$4.99     Buy Now

Age range   6 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AC   AS Accessory / Decor   CP Creative Product   GN Green Product  

Make a handprint impression with the Creative Roots Create Your Own Handprint Stone to keep forever. Included in your kit is an 8" x 8" plastic handprint stone mold, 1lb. of plaster, protective gloves and mask to be worn when working with plaster. Use the included 5-color paint strip and brush to personalize your handprint stone with your name, date, or age. You can also add fun designs or embellishments such as marbles or stones to enhance the look. The Create Your Own Handprint Stone is an excellent activity for children and parents. Preserve a memory and display the stone in your home to enjoy for years to come. This product is best used indoors.

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