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125 Scientific Challenge Set

Amazing Toys, Ltd. -

$29.90     Buy Now

Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CR   CS Costume   FM Costume   RS Rubber Stamp  

This educational science kit provides useful knowledge about simple physics. You will be amazed to find your child can learn as the activity enables child to learn realistic concept of basic physical theory. Once started your young scientist will be able to build understanding through experimenting and maybe trying out some interesting experiments on their own. Simply snap all key components and modules together to start, and pull apart once its finished. This Connect N Learn set has different concepts and will help child understand that different connection gives different reaction in 4-in-1 super circuit experiment. 125 Scientific Challenge Set is a build-it-yourself educational combination of science and fun. Engineer a challenging game with your friends from 125 different science activities. Ultimate connection includes: 1. Amazing Maze Challenge. 2. Amazing Action Dino. 3. Amazing Ain N Shoot. 4. Amazing Bubble Science. 5. Amazing Flying Disc. 6. Amazing Color Filter. 7. Amazing LED Light. Requires 7x"AA" batteries, not included.

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