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Creatology Candi-Band Creator

Horizon Group USA, Inc. -

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Age range   6 years thru 9 years      

Toy Type   CR   CS Costume   FM Costume   TS Transportation  

Candi-Band Creator provides a new form of bracelet making. This kit includes everything your child will need to make a wrist full of bracelets for herself and friends. With 1,500 beads and 10 design templates (even more online) the possibilities are endless. This easy-to-use loom lets your young jewelery maker create beaded bracelets in about an hour They're perfect for collecting, wearing, and sharing with friends. Directions are simply to pick a template and pop in the beads. Kit includes 1 Candi-Band Loom, 1,500 pony beads, 10 design templates, elastic cording, plastic needles, and easy-to-follow instructions.

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