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Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones for Kids

Kidz Gear -

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Age range   1 year thru 12 years      

Toy Type   ES Educational Skills   GE Game   MM Multimedia   OT Other  

The latest product from Kidz Gear is the new Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones that are perfect for travel or anytime. These headphones combine outstanding sound quality with comfort and durability. An added feature is a unique removable and versatile Boom Microphone for use when learning a foreign language, taking a test in school, gaming, or Skyping, The same headphones can also be transformed into standard "wired" headphones with the included audio interconnection cable. Other features include full BT 4.0 and AptX compliance, 10 hrs. of talk/listen time, 32 ft. operational range, and rapid re-charge time. The headphones are compatible with iPhones, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and Android phones and tablets. They can even be used with desktop computers with the addition of a Bluetooth adapter. Kidz Gear headphones are not "toys," but adult products built for kids. Manufactured with the same high-quality, high-performance consumer electronic components found in adult headphones, the Kidz Gear products are designed to solve the never-ending battle between a child's desire for his or her parent's things and the parent's fear of the child destroying an expensive item. The company is continually focused on bringing more products to market that support the company's motto--Grown-Up Performance Built for Kids. Kidz Gear has been a leading supplier of children's headphones and audio products for over 15 years. Since producing the first Volume Limited Headphones for children in 2001 to delivering the latest Bluetooth technology in a child friendly design, Kidz Gear has led the way in safe, high-quality, comfortable, and affordable products for children. Laurie Peterson founded Kidz Gear to meet a need many mothers have - finding products that are safe and functional, yet do not "break-the-bank" for their children. Employing even her own son as the "face" of the company since 2002 (featuring his smiling face on every package), it's been a family run business ever since.

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