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Bright Bugz

NSI International, Inc. -

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Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   ES Educational Skills  

NSI International, Inc. introduces Bright Bugz®--tiny colored LED light-based marvels that your child can secretly strap onto fingertips to prove the hand is quicker than the eye. Amaze and astonish everyone as the child grabs colored light from thin air, passes it from hand to hand, through solid objects, in one ear and out the other. Catch it. Throw it. Toss it into the phone. Then watch it glow their minds. With Bright Bugz, anyone can appear to make magic. It's an amazing illusion to make colored lights appear and disappear at your command. Astound everyone around as your young magician creates a jaw-dropping light show with just fingertips.What kind of tricks can you do with Bright Bugz? "Spark" finger on arm or leg and make light appear with the "Light a Match and Blow it Out" trick. Pretend sniffing the light and sneezing it out, with the "Sniff and Blow" illusion. Pull and toss light from a pretend flower with a "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" routine. Or pretend to toss light into your mouth with the "Eat Bright Bugz Out of Thin Air" trick, while making fake gulping sounds and joking, "I'm having a light snack." You can even make it look like you're pushing the light into your head while telling people, "I'm feeling a little light headed." Bright Bugz come in six colors--pink, green, blue, yellow, red, and white--and an incredible 3D HoloBeamࢢ that turns your cell phone into a mini hologram projector. Just download the Bright Bugz app, attach the HoloBeam to your phone, and watch 3D images futuristically hover above. The Bright Bugz app also lets you access instructional videos and create the illusion that you're tossing light into your phone, moving it around, then pulling it out again.

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