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Learn to Count

Bigjigs Toys, Ltd. -

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Age range   2 years thru 4 years      

Toy Type   ES   MA   PZ  

This highly colorful Learn to Count game makes learning math fun for little ones. A great introduction to mathematics and counting skills, this educational puzzle allows youngsters to count the brightly colored discs as they place them on the individual pegs. They can also practice their number recognition and counting by matching the colored squares to the correct dots on the puzzle board. This item consists of 55 play pieces. Learn to Count forms part of Bigjigs Toys’ Educational Range, comprising toys with strong visual appeal and interactive qualities to maximize enjoyable learning. Bigjigs Toys Ltd is one of the leading wooden toy designers, importers and distributors in the UK. The company strives to provide toys that not only offer fun and excitement but also enhance learning and development for children of all ages, through a range of over 1500 high quality products, including puzzles, train sets, construction toys and outdoor games – all made from responsibly-sourced wood and decorated with child-safe paints. The family-run business was founded in 1985 from a garden shed belonging to company Directors, Liz and Peter Ireland. The couple decided to use their experience of working as teachers to develop a company that would make learning fun with the use of traditional-style wooden toys. Starting out as a modest enterprise of hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles sold at local craft fairs, the business has since blossomed in to a far-reaching operation that supplies hundreds of toys to independent stores in more than 35 countries worldwide. The company headquarters and their team of wooden toy enthusiasts remain based in Kent, South East England.

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