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Slackers 50' Slackline

Brand 44 LLC -

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Age range   5 years thru 12 years      

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Slackers Slackline from Brand 44, a recreational activity company focused on “Backyard Adventures,” is unveiling a new option for the novice in the Slacklining sport – a teaching line that acts as a coach to build confidence while also developing the skill. The popular sport of Slacklining involves balancing on a flexible, narrow piece of webbing, located just a few inches above the ground and tensioned between two anchor points. Taking college campuses and activity clubs by storm, this outdoor flexible beam can build strength and balance while providing hours of entertainment. This challenging, fun and addictive sport focuses on the core and is a rewarding full body workout. Not to mention that it provides the perfect excuse to get outside. Included in the Slackers Slackline Classic Series Kit is a 50-foot teaching line for above the head assistance that guides the adventurer from amateur to expert. It is perfect for those wanting to conquer the challenge of achieving the perfect balance without getting stuck in the beginner phase of a new and difficult activity. The 50 foot teaching line with metal ratchet and rubber grip is made of A-grade rugged materials. It also includes a carrying bag and easy directions for setup in just minutes. Created by Edward O’Brien, Brand 44 is a Colorado-based company that encourages Products include Slackers® brand Slacklines and Ziplines; Geomate Jr. geocaching GPS units and accessories; and Adventure Station, a new series of outdoor, educational kits.

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