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Slackers Balance Blox

Brand 44 LLC -

$99.99     Buy Now

Age range   3 years thru 10 years      

Toy Type   AP   AT   OP   TY  

Designed for little feet, the Slackers Balance Blox offer hours of fun for beginners while helping build motor skills. Set low to the ground for safe play, it improves concentration, body control, and builds self-confidence. Perfect for playroom, classroom or backyard. Strong and sturdy, no anchoring is needed. Slacklining is challenging and attracts many different age groups. There are many great benefits to slacklining; improving balance, coordination, motor skills, concentration, and body control. The Balance Blox kit includes two non-slip Blox, two 5' Slacklines, and two 5' poles. Tools included for easy set up. It also has an expandable Blox Program where the Blox can extend up to 4 Blox creating a Square. Great for play dates, as up to four kids can play at any time.

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