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Mon Premier Bebe Calin Maria

Corolle Dolls -

$42.00     Buy Now

Age range   18 months thru 4 years      

Toy Type   DL   ES   FP   LA  

Corolle's multi-ethnic Calin Maria doll is the ideal first baby doll for the littlest mommies ages 18 months and up. This adorable 12-inch baby doll is just the right size to cradle in a young child's arms. She has a cuddly soft beanbag body, so she can be posed like a real baby, and supple vinyl skin that is delicately scented with vanilla—a Corolle signature. Corolle is the premium doll brand designed in France. Corolle dolls are designed to be the perfect look, size, feel, and scent for little ones to love and cherish. The dolls’ faces are sculpted in the likeness of real babies, and the fashions are inspired by real babies’ clothing and adapted for easy dressing.

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