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NATE The Dragon Stops Bullying

Creatively Canny -

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Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   BK   CP   ES   SR  

Nate the Dragon Stops Bullying is the story of Nate and his two friends, Brian and Joe, who encounter King Collin in the legendary kingdom of Treegrass. The kingdom has been placed under a dismal spell because the king insists on being a bully. To bring hope back to the fantasy world of Treegrass, the youngsters stand up to King Collin so they can bring happiness, which will break the spell. Nate has a magical way of solving problems as he and his friends eagerly undertake this quest. They know they have to restore happiness and joy to Treegrass and all of the ducks and geese that live there. Will Nate be able to teach the bully to be nice? New readers will love this story.

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