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Lazer Pitch Baseball

Diggin Active Inc. -

$54.99     Buy Now

Age range   5 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AP   AT   MM   OP  

This innovative MaxSport Lazer Pitch Baseball is the only pitching machine that allows your child to control the timing of each pitch. Just press the button on the handle of the bat to activate the pitch. It features adjustable pitching angles that range from normal fastballs to high-arc lobs. It can shoot pitches up to 25 feet, and has a red light to confirm when a pitch is coming. The machine has an “auto” mode that will shoot pitches every 8 seconds. It includes pitching machine, 26-inch remote control bat, and 5 balls. A great way to teach your kids the timing and skills they need to be a star on the baseball field.

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