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Body Amazing Puzzle

Discovery Toys -

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Age range   4 years thru 9 years      

Toy Type   ES   PZ   TY   WT  

The Body Amazing Puzzle is a fun introduction to anatomy. You and your child can explore the key layers of the human body with this beautifully illustrated layered wood puzzle. Each layer, when assembled, reveals a key part: bones, organs, muscles, skin/hair, and the body. The pieces are numbered by layer on the bottom to aid in assembly. The wood base includes thumbnail-sized images of all 5 layers for easy reference. The layers can be assembled with or without the base. Have fun learning more about the amazing body with the basic body facts in the guide, along with tips to play and learn with the Body Amazing Puzzle. Both boy and girl versions are available. Learning benefits include: developing early critical thinking, problem solving, visualizing the possible solutions, learning how to sequence events, improving memory, strengthen fine motor skills, learning how parts fit together to form a whole, exploring the wonder of this amazing machine we call a body, and learning essential body facts.

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