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ALEX TOYS Pinball Painter

ALEX Brands -

$27.95     Buy Now

Age range   4 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AC   CP  

Pow! Zing! Voilà! Get ready to be a paint-ball wizard with Pinball Painter,. Children will love this finger-powered art machine—it’s a new way to paint and create unique art pictures. Place a piece of paper into the pinball painter machine and add some dabs of paint. Next, put a ball in each of the slots and prepare to get creative. Press and release the flippers and watch the paint balls fly. No two masterpieces will ever be the same. It is easy clean, just place the whole machine in the sink and wash with soapy water. This all-in-one pinball and painting kit includes a pinball paint tray with splash guard; 3 balls; blue, red, and yellow paint; backdrop; 20 pieces of paper; and easy instructions. Refills sold separately.

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