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Slackers 100' Night Riderz Zipline Kit

Brand 44 LLC -

$199.99     Buy Now

Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AD   AT   EP   OP  

Slackers Ziplines announced a bright addition to their list of backyard adventures with the launch of Night Riderz, a zipline with rotating LED lights. The first of its kind, Night Riderz takes the fun of ziplining and turns it up a (glowing) notch to extend outdoor play from day to night. This bright new zipline lights up your seat with intense LED rotating lights. A glowing trolley light guides your ride from start to finish for a fun ride – day or night, bringing an illuminated adventure right to your backyard. The Night Riderz kit includes thorough instructions on where and how to set-up a zipline along with riding details and 100’ steel cable, rope, fully assembled trolley, LED seat and rope (with over 50 LED lights total), and hardware. For those just looking to add a touch of light, The Flying Saucer Seat is also sold separately and works with all Kits. Created by Edward O’Brien, Brand 44 is a Colorado-based company that encourages “Backyard Adventures” as recreational activities that family members of all ages can enjoy anywhere and everywhere and include sSlackers® brand Slacklines and Ziplines; Geomate Jr. geocaching GPS units and accessories; and Adventure Station, a new series of outdoor, educational kits.

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