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Calendar Holdings LLC / Go! Games -

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Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   BG   GE  

Pathwayz is an intriguing game of strategy and skill. Its simplicity makes it easy to learn. Your goal is to build a path across the long side of the board before your opponent. Your path may weave back and forth in any direction, its pieces touching adjacently or diagonally. Beginning with an empty board, players take turns placing one piece at a time on any square. The special twist is that for each turn, you can place a regular double-sided piece in your color or a permanent piece in your opponent’s color. You give your opponent a permanent piece because doing so flips the touching pieces—and allows you to dynamically alter the game. Through careful and clever placement, you can advance your path and set back your opponent’s. In the end, only one path remains, the other is outmaneuvered. You’ll return, game after game, to master the elegance of Pathwayz. The game appeals to children, adults, students, teachers, and gamers of all ages, and is an ideal way to connect between any 2 players. Game play lasts about 15 minutes.

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